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"Love" on the road rage guano more terrible
Release time:2015.10.06 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:

Now drive carefully is not only public and "guano is no longer afraid", "road rage and anger dung". Far looked at a few drops of glass, who thought it was thrown into a look of the pigment, the roof is full of guano. Owners have such confusion, good car, a birdie on the car are particularly concerned about, spots a Tuotuo looked particularly worried. Can only say "full of love".

Carol electronic throttle door reminder in parking avoid stopping beside the lush trees and poles, also above the horizontal wire is easy for the birds gathered place, stopped at these places, car shot probability is relatively high. "Every time I would like to stop parking in the shade, but each time to take a car, car spots are disturbing. Just wash a good car, stopped for half an hour, it is all bird feces! White and green.

The bird likes to take the car as the toilet, but not what the color of the car like. To the white car on defecation they like most, the most didn't like pollution car is black and blue. Because they will be white with some carnivorous predators together. Carol electronic throttle was informed that according to a survey, in one day survey the 1760 cars. According to the results of the survey, more than 60% of the white car has more than five lump of bird droppings than dark cars more. The bird has a special liking for the white car.

In fact, for the owners concerned, is not concerned about the little bird like car. How to let the car from the guano attack, the guano is how to clean and care of the owners.

Trees and poles around the region are fecal anger "high incidence area, everyone in front of the parking can first observe the ground (or see on the edge of the car): if there are a lot of guano traces, it is best not to in the vicinity of parked vehicles. Choose the underground parking, parking, or a sheltered outdoor parking lot is reassuring. If a stop is a few days, then parked in the open air car best cover inserted on the train, so owners only need to clean cars, clothing can be without worry bird droppings corrosion to the finish. There are, of course, the owners choose to vehicle glaze or coating, on the surface of the paint form protective layer, but also help to improve the corrosion resistance of paint

Although guano seemingly small. But it has acid, to the paint have serious corrosion, adhesion in the car on a long, but also the surface coating eroded into a rugged state. So once found a bird droppings mark car, it must be removed as soon as possible. And clean more timely and more easy to remove, for a long time, the guano is completely dry hard in the car may there will be a circle of mark, then it is very troublesome.

The sooner the treatment is more relaxed. If it is just fell, Carol electronic throttle suggestions can first use of water wash, with a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe, or with a wet towel can quickly get rid of. If found late, guano has been hardened, this time not with keys or a knife to the hard, sharp objects to pull, careful not to damage the car paint. You can try to spray can dispel the guano shellac cleaning supplies (general asphalt cleaning agent can dispel), attach a wet paper towels or Cache towels, etc. the softening after the wipe off.

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